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Bergen-Belsen liberated 70 years ago
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Nazi concentration camps with Bergen-Belsen in the North of Germany
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British troops liberated the Bergen-Belsen extermination camp 70 years ago. 

Not only was Gena Turgel, one of the few remaining survivors, rescued from that camp on 15 April 1945 but she had also escaped death several times before while being also an inmate in Auschwitz and Buchenwald. 

You are going to listen to her talking about some of the most horrific experiences she went through and no one should ever forget about. 

In the next blog entry, you can also read about Mrs Gena Turgel's poignant testimony in an article by the Daily Mail (*)
(*)  "Amazing escape from Auschwitz gas chamber" in Daily Mail, 25 January 2005. 

Mrs Gena Turgel
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Gena at the age of 21
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While watching

Answer the following question:

What does Gena remember about the Bergen-Belsen camp and her experiences there? 

You can also watch the report on the BBC site by clicking HERE

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Suggestions de réponses:
Elle se souvient être arrivée la nuit dans le camp et avoir découvert le lendemain avec horreur tous ces tas de cadavres de femmes, d'hommes et d'enfants empilés devant les baraquements.

Elle se souvient d'Anne Frank qui partageait le même baraquement qu'elle et qui était en train de mourir du typhus.

Elle a vécu la libération du camp par les Anglais le 15 avril 1945; un de ces soldats allait devenir son mari six mois plus tard! 

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