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Reckless driving
(Level: intermediate to upper-intermediate / B1 to B2 / ** to ***)

The M25
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You are going to watch a BBC report focusing on a young reckless driver caught on camera driving the wrong way down a portion of the M25 (*) motorway. 

(*) M25 (London Orbital Motorway) is a 188-km motorway which almost encircles Greater London.

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Before watching:

The following words and notes could be useful:
60 mph (miles per hour) =96.56 kph (kilometres per hour) 
the hard shoulder: strip or area at the side of a motorway used for emergency stops   bande d'arrêt d'urgence  
to weave in and out of...: to drive in and out... / move by twisting in and out ...    slalomer / faire des manoeuvres en zig-zag  
the carriageway: one of the two sides of a motorway where traffic travels in one direction (in two or three lanes)      voie d'autoroute    
the interchange: motorway junction of interconnecting roads or bridges     échangeur (sur autoroute) 

An interchange on the M25
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the London-bound A2: the A2 leading to London      l'autoroute A2 en direction de Londres
to dodge: to avoid by moving quickly aside    esquiver / éviter 
a custodial sentence: a period of time someone has to spend in prison as a punishment     peine de prison   
to gatecrash: to gain admittance without being invited or having paid...    s'inviter / se faufiler... 
to become wedged: to be stuck      se retrouver coincé 
a deterrent: something used to deter, i.e. to discourage for doing something illegal e.g.      effet dissuasif  
a slip road: a short road used to join or leave a main road      bretelle d'accès / bretelle de sortie 

A slip road (also a junction here)
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Slip road ahead: road sign meaning the vehicles can
either go straight or turn left

whiplash: or whiplash injury - an injury caused to the neck by a sudden backward movement of the head         entorse cervicale / coup du lapin 

Brands Hatch Circuit: a motor racing circuit near Swanley in Kent, England, currently holding British and international racing events.   For more details or if you are interested: click HERE
(Official Brands Hatch's site) 

While watching:

Answer the following question:

What was the driver's conduct like and what were the consequences of it? 

You can also watch the video on the BBC website: click HERE

When you are finished, you can check your answers.

Suggestions de réponses 

Le chauffard a emprunté une large portion de l'autoroute M25 en sens inverse, sur une distance de 9 miles (+/- 15 km) en circulant sur la bande d'arrêt d'urgence et en esquivant bon nombre de véhicules  / (+ Les autres usagers ont aussi dû l'esquiver!) 
Sa course s'est terminée lorsqu'il a percuté un véhicule sur une bretelle d'accès, blessant la conductrice. 

-Accident et lésions corporelles (la conductrice de la voiture percutée souffre de lésions cervicales).
-Incarcération du chauffard pour une période de 14 mois.
-Déchéance du droit de conduire.
-Obligation de passer des épreuves de conduite approfondies avant d'être autorisé à reprendre le volant.
- ...

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