Sunday, 29 March 2015

Wear Yellow for Seth
(Level: Intermediate / B1 to B2 / **)

People from all around the world decided to wear yellow on 27 March 2015 to support a 5-year-old boy who is confined to a sterile environment in hospital. 

Seth in his hospital bed making his appeal in a video that went viral.
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You are now going to watch a BBC video focusing on Seth's campaign.

Before watching

The following words could be useful:
to scrub one's hands: to rub them hard with soap to make them clean      se frotter les mains 
a plastic gown: a long piece of clothing worn over the other clothes      combinaison en plastique
to appeal for: to make an (urgent) request     lancer un appel   
pioneering: done for the first time (using new methods)      novateur 
bone marrow registry:  a list with prospective volunteer donors    registre des donneurs de moelle osseuse

While watching

Answer the following questions:

1 What was the #wearyellowforseth campaign for? 

Had Seth and his parents expected the campaign to be so successful?

You can also watch the BBC video on the BBC site by clicking HERE

When you are finished, you can check your answers:

Campagne lancée au profit de Seth, petit Britannique de 5 ans, né sans système immunitaire et obligé de rester cloîtré dans une  chambre stérile jusqu'à sa prochaine greffe de moelle.

(Par extension: pour inciter les gens à s'inscrire au registre de donneurs de moelle osseuse.)


La campagne s'adressait initialement aux amis et à la famille. 
Les parents n'ont jamais pensé que la vidéo allait faire le 'buzz' sur la Toile et entraîner autant de réactions, de soutien et d'encouragements dans le monde entier!  

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