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Queen Elizabeth II's 63-year reign
(Level: intermediate / B1 to B2 / **)

Queen Elizabeth II
(Reign from 6th February 1952)
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You are going to watch a CNN programme focusing on some of the facts behind Queen Elizabeth II's 63-year reign (*).

(*) Queen Victoria is so far the British monarch who had the longest reign ever: 63 years and 216 days. If Queen Elizabeth II is still reigning on 10th September 2015, she will surpass her great-great-grandmother.

Queen Victoria
(Reign from 20th June 1837 to 22nd January 1901)
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For more details Queen Elizabeth II (and the British Monarchy), you can check the official website of the British Monarchy. Click HERE

Before watching:

The following words could be useful:
to confer:  to give / to bestow        
a Queen's Honour: a special award someone can get from the Queen 
an heir (to the throne): the next person in line who has the right to become king or queen 

For more details about the Queen's Honours, you can check the official website of the British Monarchy. Click HERE

You can also have a look at this BBC's special Guide to the Honours 

Different types of honours and awards?  Click HERE

While watching:

Answer the following question:
What do the following figures refer to?

- 6
- 1953
- 400,000
- 4

You can also find the video on the CNN website by clicking HERE

When you are finished, you can check your answers:

6 = le 6 février 1952 - la date de son accession au trône, mais aussi la date du décès de son père. 

1953 = l'année de son couronnement (le 2 juin) à l'Abbaye de Westminster.

400,000 = le nombre de distinctions qu'elle a décernées... 

4 = le nombre d'arrière-petits-enfants qu'elle a, dont le Prince George, futur héritier de la Couronne. 

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