Sunday, 22 February 2015

Extreme icy weather continues in some parts of the USA
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New York - 20 February 2015
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The extremely low temperatures, the snow and ice storms have been causing severe disruptions in parts of the USA.

Major blizzards in the USA and Canada - 15 February 2015
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You are going to watch a BBC report focusing on the major disruptions due to the extreme winter weather but also on the problems it caused for people on the roads and in their homes...

Before watching:

The following words could be useful:
to thaw: to stop being frozen     dégeler
astounding: carrying a feeling of great surprise       impressionnant / stupéfiant  
to take in (a scenery): to spend time looking at ...     profiter ...  / admirer  
treacherous: very dangerous and difficult to deal with       traître     
a dashcam (portmanteau word of 'dashboard' + 'camera'): a camera fixed to the dashboard of a car that films what is going on on the road ahead      caméra embarquée      
to dodge: to move quickly to one side so as to avoid being hit      esquiver  
narrowly: only just / by the skin of one's teeth     de justesse   
a snow bank: a heap of snow      monticule de neige   
a swathe: a long and broad strip      une grande partie (du territoire...)    

While watching:

Answer the following question:
What are some of the consequences of the extreme winter conditions in parts of the United States?


you can also watch the video on the BBC website by clicking HERE

When you are finished, you can check your answers:

Suggestions de réponses:

  1. Les Chutes du Niagara gelées / zones environnantes recouvertes d'une solide couche de neige: il faudra probablement attendre jusqu'en mai pour que la glace accumulée fonde complètement, selon les prévisions... 
  2. Conditions particulièrement dangereuses sur les routes; un homme a échappé de justesse à une mort certaine à Knoxville - il a presque été fauché par un véhicule devenu incontrôlable...
  3. Perturbations majeures dans le port gelé de Boston.
  4. Accumulation de neige au Massachusetts et effondrement d'un toit dû au poids de la neige... 
  5. Nouvelle tendance qui fait fureur sur  certains réseaux sociaux: des gens se  laissent tomber d'une fenêtre dans les monticules de neige en contrebas; pratique idiote et particulièrement dangereuse.
  6. ...

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