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Elephants in Africa in net decline
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The number of African elephants has declined dramatically.
The strong demand for ivory on the Asian black market has led to even more poaching. 

Consequently, the number of elephants killed every year has reached a high of around 35,000. 

If poaching does not stop, the entire species will become extinct within the next decades. 

You are now going to watch a report by the BBC focusing on this issue.

Before watching:

The following words and notes could be useful:
to thrive: to grow or develop vigorously             s'épanouir  / évoluer 
to vanish: to disappear      disparaître 
the tusks: the long curved teeth sticking out of the mouth of some animals like elephants or walruses      défenses    

A walrus
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to hack off: to chop; to cut      trancher   
to rot: to undergo decomposition      pourrir; se décomposer    
to poach: to take (and kill) fish, game or other animals illegally      braconner   
to soar: to rise or ascend rather suddenly       augmenter considérablement; monter en flèche
fuelled by: stimulated by      généré par
to wipe out: to destroy or be destroyed completely       éliminer; détruire
a keystone species: a central species on which others would depend within a specific ecosystem 
une espèce clé; espèce considérable... 
the conservationist: the person who promotes the preservation of the environment and of  natural resources         un adepte ou défenseur de l'environnement
the stockpile: large supply / the fact of having stored a large quantity of a specific product     stock; réserves   
to curb: to restrain          faire fléchir; juguler; restreindre 
the slaughter: the massacre / the fact of killing in large numbers but also in a brutal way     massacre; boucherie 
to become extinct: to die out / to be wiped out / to be dead; gone, vanished     disparu; éteint

the Knowsley Safari Park: a zoological park and tourist attraction in the Knowsley area of Merseyside, England. More details? Click HERE

Knwsley, Merseyside
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While watching:

Complete the chart with the missing information

You can also watch the BBC report by clicking HERE

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