Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Forth Bridge awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status
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The Forth Bridge
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The Forth Bridge is the UK's 29th site to have been awarded the UNESCO World Heritage Site status (*). 
It is an impressive structure that has carried passengers and freight for 125 years. 

(*) If you are interested, here is the World Heritage list (on the UNESCO website): click HERE  

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to overcome (an obstacle): to gain control of     maîtriser ; vaincre
outstanding: extremely good      exceptionnel; marquant; excellent; incomparable 

The Tay (Rail) Bridge Disaster: The Forth Bridge was built after a first original bridge (the Tay Rail Bridge) collapsed during a violent storm in December 1879 while a train carrying over seventy passengers was crossing it. For more details: click HERE

For more details (facts, figures and photos) about the Forth Bridge: click HERE

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