Sunday, 3 May 2015

New royal baby
(Level: intermediate / B1 / **)

The royal couple presenting their newborn daughter
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The royal couple gave the press and the crowds of well-wishers a brief glimpse of their new daughter a few hours after the Duchess of cambridge gave birth to her.

You are going to watch a short report by the BBC. 

Before watching

The following words could be useful:
the cheers: shouts of encouragement; congratulations; shouts of enthusiasm from the crowd       acclamations   
a shawl: piece of fabric worn around the shoulders e.g. or (here) wrapped around a baby    châle    
the well-wishers:  people who show benevolence or sympathy; people who wish well to another person...; fans        admirateurs; sympathisants     

You can also watch the report on the BBC website by clicking HERE

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