Sunday, 30 November 2014

Tower Bridge (and its new glass floor)
(Level: Intermediate / B1 / **)

Tower Bridge - aerial view
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Tower Bridge considered by many as the world's most famous bridges has recently been provided with a new feature which would attract even more tourists. 

You are now going to watch a BBC report. 

Before watching:

The following words could be useful:
to look outwards and downwards: to look toward the outside and toward a lower place   avoir une vue vers l'extérieur et vers le bas
the highlight: exciting and memorable event      grand moment 
to peer... down: to look intently downwards    observer ce qui se passe en bas 
straightforward: simple / easy      simple / aisé
the fabric of...: the physical structure       la structure  
gingerly: in a cautious way         avec précaution
of a nervous disposition:  nervous mood, inclination      nerveux de nature 

While watching:

Answer the following questions in French:

1 What is Tower Bridge's latest feature and what does it aim at?
2 What is considered a highlight for tourists?

You can also watch the BBC report on the BBC News official website by clicking HERE

Tower Bridge opening
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When you are finished, you can check your answers:

Le Tower Bridge Glass Floor: nouvelle attraction touristique sous la forme d'une passerelle en verre installée sur la partie supérieure de l'édifice permettant aux visiteurs d'avoir une vue plongeante et vertigineuse sur le pont à bascules ou directement sur la Tamise (42 mètres en contrebas) si les bascules se lèvent.

L'événement par excellence à vivre par les touristes juchés sur la passerelle serait d'assister à l'ouverture des bascules du pont et d'y voir passer les bateaux en contrebas. 

If you are interested:

You can find details about Tower Bridge (the Bridge history, the Tower Bridge Exhibition etc) on the Tower Bridge official site by clicking HERE

Here is also an interesting BBC article with unusual pictures: Tower Bridge: Landmark marks 120 years...

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