Sunday, 31 January 2016

Cancer is not just due to 'bad luck'
(Level: Intermediate  / B1 to B2 / ** to ***)

We can reduce the chance of getting cancer but how much can we really do to avoid the disease mainly if it is due to 'bad luck'? 

You are going to watch a BBC programme focusing on the issue.

Kidney cancer cells
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Before watching:

The following words could be useful:
to cut back on: to reduce
striking: noticeable /impressive            étonnant / frappant / notable   
a claim: statement of something as a fact / an assertion         affirmation    
random:with no specific pattern or purpose        aléatoire   
a lump: an irregularly shaped mass          grosseur / masse  

While watching:

Answer the following questions:
1. What does some recent American research claim?

2. How could you avoid having some types of cancer?

You can also watch the video on the BBC website by clicking HERE

When you are finished, you can check your answers.

La majorité des cancers (70 à 90%) est liée aux modes de vie des gens (tabagisme / alcool / bronzage...) et aux facteurs environnementaux extérieurs (pollution...) tandis que 10 à 30% sont dus à la 'malchance' (mutations cellulaires aléatoires).

-Changer ses mauvaises habitudes (arrêter de boire, fumer... )
-Changer d'environnement...
-Réagir de suite dès qu'on voit apparaître des grosseurs suspectes...  

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