Monday, 24 August 2015

France train shooting
(Level: intermediate to upper-intermediate / B1 to B2 / ** to ***)

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A real tragedy could have occurred on a train if a heavily armed man hadn't been overpowered by passengers.

You are now going to watch a BBC report focusing on the event.

Before watching:

The following words could be useful:
to be overwhelmed: to be overpowered / defeated     être maîtrisé / mis hors d'état de nuire 
a guardsman: a US soldier in the National Guard      soldat de la Garde Nationale 
to avert: to prevent ... (from happening)     empêcher ... de...  
bold: not afraid (of danger) /not showing fear       intrépide / téméraire 
intelligence: secret information (about an enemy)        renseignements  

While watching:

Answer the following question:

What do we know about the suspect? 

You can also watch the report on the BBC website: click HERE

When you are finished, you can check your answers:

  • ressortissant marocain de 26 ans;
  • lourdement armé dans le Thalys Amsterdam-Paris et mis hors d'état de nuire par des passagers (dont trois Américains);
  • blessé grièvement un des passagers qui voulait le désarmer et un autre plus légèrement;
  • est connu des autorités espagnoles qui ont transmis des informations sensibles aux Français;
  • ...

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